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Labour Law Audit & Consultation Services | Services | Arya HR Services

We conduct statutory compliance audits for our clients to check the applicability and compliance of various provisions of Labor Statutes, thus helping them to be fully compliant.

We also conduct an audit of our clients’ third party service providers’ that is contractors.

How We Do It

The services are bifurcated in three major categories that is

1) Principal Employer Audit

We periodically conduct principle employer Audit and share reports with the management highlighting  the grey area of statutes and advise them how to do it correctly.

We spend more time in preliminary audit for all our new clients to understand gaps in current vis-a-vis ideal processes. We suggest changes in current process and help implement them.

We also update our clients for any changes in laws at the time of consultation

2) Vendor/ Contractor Audit

By taking care of monthly / quarterly/ half yearly/ yearly audit of your Vendor / Contractor, we entirely manage the vendor compliance.

We share contractor-wise report, highlighting in red, amber and green areas of compliance for risk analysis and provide corrective action.

3) Auditee Services (Represent you in external Audit)

We can also represent you in any external Audit and Inspection by government bodies.

We study, understand gap and gather audit/inspection-related information before such Audits/ Inspections and ensure to get it complied in the first attempt and help you to close non-compliance if any.