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Payroll Outsourcing | Services | Arya HR Services

Our automated payroll processing model takes care of various processes and deductions based on the employee attendance and time data to generate the pay slips periodically.

Our Methodology:

Salary data is collected from the respective department in e-format and a first cut pay sheet is developed and sent to the client for validation à Verification and Confirmation of data by the Client àPreparation of final pay sheet.

Generating  payslips in e-format or hard copy as required by the Client,

  • Various types of payslip format.
  • Arrears & registers.
  • Attendance report.
  • Attendance & leave .
  • Leave ledger.
  • Various types of Pay sheets/ registers.
  • Supplementary & registers.
  • comparison report.
  • Salary reconciliation statement.
  • Voucher printing.
  • JV interface for accounting systems.
  • Various Statutory reports under ESIC, LWF, Professional Tax.
  • Income tax projection.
  • TDS report.
  • Income tax form 16/16AA/12-BA.
  • Income tax form 24-24Q(E-filling).
  • ITNS 281 Challon.
  • Bank text file & statement.
  • Gratuity calculation & report.
  • Bonus calculation & report.